Laser vision seam tracking system

Using triangulation technology, the laser is irradiated on the target weld, and the image is collected by the visual sensor, and the 3D spatial position information of each industry in the laser scanning area is obtained by software processing. By calculating the deviation between the detected weld and the welding gun, combining the relative position relationship between the welding gun and the laser vision sensor, the system sends the deviation of the current position of the welding gun to the motion actuator to compensate the position of the welding gun through software operation, so as to track the weld during the welding process.


Type of welding gun deviation correction method

System characteristics

It is suitable for butt joint, lap joint, socket
joint, fillet joint and other forms of straight,
circular, spiral and other irregular welds;
It is suitable for TIG, MIG / MAG, saw, paw,
LBW and other multiple welding methods;
The modular design can be matched with the
welding machine controlled by the
mainstream brand PLC, which is convenient
for the transformation of old equipment of
various brands
Integrated filter processing technology of
software and hardware, effectively shield arc
light, splash and other interferences, and
accurate weld identification
The hand eye calibration is simple and
convenient, and its relative position
coordinates can be changed at any time,
which is automatically called during software
Customized special data communication
protocol, easy to integrate with any brand
of welding controller
Intelligent identification and fuzzy optimal
control technology of trajectory can ensure
the welding position and abnormal position
of welding seam, and the welding gun can
still move smoothly and accurately;
By binding the sensor with the actuator, it can
adapt to the detection and tracking of the
welds with a wide range of changes in the
position of the welds;
Intelligent weld identification and initial
industry identification can greatly improve
the degree of automation, without manual
participation, and improve the utilization rate
of manpower and the stability of product
For complex working conditions or special
applications, customized services can be
Technology extension application: nozzle
identification, gap measurement, product
dimension measurement, product defect
detection, cylinder roundness measurement,
AGV navigation and precise positioning, roll
displacement control system of plate rolling
machine, etc

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