TSR series tubesheet robot

characteristics of
Fully electric three-dimensional adjustment chassis, which can adjust the three-dimensional position relationship between the tube sheet robot and the workpiece, and automatically lock;
The main motion axis of the robot is driven by a servo motor, which is driven by a ball screw, controlled and operated by multi axes
Fast moving speed and precise track;
The multi-layer cooperative control system adopts industrial computer, PLC, intelligent hand-held teaching device, etc
It is composed of the following components: each subsystem is connected through Ethernet, and adopts TCP / IP communication protocol for high-speed data exchange;
The unique cross laser vision recognition technology can accurately obtain the actual center point, wall thickness, extension length of each weld
The accurate data, such as the position depth of the weld and the actual distance of the welding gun, are processed by software and reconstructed in the system
The three-dimensional model of the weld position of each tubesheet can transmit the spatial position information of the weld to the motion control system in 20ms
The system can realize the welding gun from scanning to positioning within 5S;
The 3D laser vision sensor obtains data, and compensates with the data of offline programming software through the unique algorithm of the software,
Carry out data multiple data fitting calculation, judge the authenticity of each collected data, automatically identify the error, and judge whether it is
No need for secondary data acquisition;
For products requiring multi-layer separate welding, the 3D laser vision sensor will be used to get the most realistic result before each layer is welded
The software algorithm will fit the off-line programming software and the 3D model data of the weld before the last welding, and rebuild
A new three-dimensional model is established and transformed into a motion track which is sent to the motion control system to guide the positioning of the welding gun;
Advanced 3D laser vision positioning technology, not only has a fast recognition speed, but also has a high recognition accuracy, so it won't be accepted by the welding industry and backing up
After welding, the heat affected area, external environment, weather and light change, resulting in unrecognized problems;
The simple and convenient hand eye calibration program is convenient for users to quickly establish the hand eye calibration data of the system;
All actions of the tube plate automatic welding gun are driven by electric control, and the water, electricity and gas circuits are set with infinite rotation without winding
Meter, built-in coaxial rotation full closed-loop wire feeding system, no hidden dangers of wire feeding and winding, with arc voltage tracking technology, fully automatic adjustment
Arc length, in the process of welding real-time tracking the height of each industry;
Adopt migatronic inverter fully digital water-cooled automatic welding power source imported from Europe with precise power control
Accurate, high temporary load rate, good arc stiffness, deep penetration, effectively guarantee the stability of welding quality;
The system is equipped with tungsten electrode life reminder. Once the tungsten electrode life is reached, the system will automatically stop before welding the next weld
Stop working and retreat to safe position, send out sound and light alarm at the same time, start directly after replacement and continue welding;
The system is equipped with welding wire detection. Once the welding wire is detected to be exhausted, the system will automatically stop before the next welding line is welded
Work and retreat to the safe position, send out sound and light alarm at the same time, press start directly after replacement to continue welding.
System configuration
software name

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