Our company has independently developed laser vision seam tracking system, and has been widely used in automatic welding system.
Professional research and development of intelligent components based on laser vision technology, its products can be matched with robots,
welding automation machine and automatic logistics system, providing strong technical support for the intelligent and automation of equipment.
Adhering to the tenet of "technology leading, service first", we have won the praise and trust of our customers with our forward-looking technology,
excellent quality and high-quality service.

It adopts the concept of unmanned design,
innovates and applies advanced 3D cross laser
identification and positioning technology,
accurately calculates the 3D space information
of the pipe hole, and the robot guides the
expansion and leveling machine to work
This equipment is mainly used for automatic
welding of tube / tubesheet. With the cross
laser vision technology, it can quickly identify
the spatial position of weld seam and
accurately guide the welding gun positioning
through the 6-axis robot system……
The system is suitable for nuclear power,
power station, chemical industry, boiler, heat
exchanger, air conditioning and other
industries. It is specially designed for all
position TIG welding of tube / tubesheet……
The automatic welding system of MAG girth
seam of double gun for low temperature gas
cylinder, through the linkage control with the
automatic feeding and unloading system, the
workpiece is automatically sent into the
welding system, and the workpiece on the……

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